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American Fern Society

The American Fern Society is over 100 years old. With over 900 members worldwide, it is one of the largest international fern clubs in the world. It was established in 1893 with the objective of fostering interest in ferns and fern allies. Another very comprehensive site.
Asociación Latinoamericana de Pteridología ALAPTER

Austin Fern and Cycad Society

British Pteridological Society

The second largest ferns society in the world after the AFS. They are very Internationally minded!! A new British site, in progress.
British Pteridological Society
Dept of Botany
The Natural History Museum
Cromwell rd
London SW7 5BD
Birmingham Fern Society
Birmingham Botanical Garden
2612 Lane Park rd.
Birmingham, AL 35223
C-Fern -

Chinese Fern Society

c/o Xian-Chun Zhang
20 Nanxinxun, Xiangshan
100093 Beijing, China
Connecticut Botanical Society

Dutch Fern Society

De Nederlandse Varenvereniging, in Dutch, but with an English version
Indian Fern Society
Dr. T.N. Bhardwaja
Dept of Botany
Univ of Rajasthan
Jaipur 302004
Fern Society of the Phillipines
Dr. Lolita J. Bulalacao
Botany Dept
National Museum
Executive House. P. Burgos
Manila-Metro, Manila
Fern Society of Victoria, Australia
The Society was formed in 1979 and has a membership of both professional and enthusiastic amateur fern growers
From Victoria (south eastern Australia), a site with plenty of useful information about growing ferns. Quite a bit of it is written by Chris Goudey, well known fern book author. There's an extensive spore list, too.
Po Box 45
Heidelberg, Victoria 3081
Fern Society of South Africa
The Aims of the Fern Society of Southern Africa (FSSA) is to:
1. Promote public awareness in the Pteridophyta (Ferns and Fern Allies)
2. Conserve the Pteridophyta indigenous to Southern Africa
3. Perform research into the propagation and cultivation of Ferns
4. Distribute information related to points 1 to 3 above.

The Fern Society of Southern Africa
Po Bx 11260
Brooklyn 0011

Fern Society of South Australia
Po Box 711, G.P.O.
Adelaide 5001
Fern Society of West Australia
%Mrs J. Friend
210 Kent St
Rockingham, W.A. 6168
Fern Study Group of the Society for Growing Australian Plants
Mr John Lee
76 The Bulwark
Castlecraig, New South Wales 2068
Hardy Fern Foundation, EUA
is a non-profit, membership organization established to provide a comprehensive collection of the world's hardy ferns for display, testing, evaluation, public education and introduction to the gardening and horticultural community
Indian Fern Society
Dr. T.N. Bhardwaja
Dept of Botany
Univ of Rajasthan
Jaipur 302004
International Association of Pteridologists
Dr. Christopher Haufler
Dept of Botany
Haaworth Hall
Univ of Kansas
Lawrence, Ks 66045-2106
Joanne M. Sharpe, Treasurer
   72 Creek Lane
   PO Box 499
   Edgecomb ME 04556 USA
Japanese Pteridological Society
Prof. K. Iwatsuki
Dept of Botany
Faculty of Science, Kyoto Univ.
Los Angeles International Fern Society (LAIFS)
The Los Angeles International Fern Society was formed to provide a source of information on ferns, arrange for people to study ferns, and encourage the use and enjoyment of ferns in gardens and patios
Louisiana Fern Society

Memphis Fern Society

Christine Spindel
3985 S. Galloway Dr.
Memphis, Tn 38111-6841
National Botanic Gardens
Kristenbosch 7735
Claremont Cape Province
Nederlandse Varenvereniging (Holanda)

Nelson Fern Society (New Zealand)

Mrs. Eileen Heatherbell
10 Farnham Dr.
Richmond, Nelson
New Zealand
New York Fern Society
Dr. John Mickel
New York Botanical Garden
Bronx, NY 10458
Nippon Fernist Club
Institute of Forest Botany
Faculty of Agriculture
Univ of Tokyo, Yayoi-cjo, Bunkyo-ku
Tokio, Japón
San Diego Fern Society
The San Diego Fern Society has designed this site to provide an international source of fern-related information for the fern hobbyist. A comprehensive site from one of the largest fern groups in the United States.
Sarasota Fern Society
Marie Selby Botanical Gardens
811 South Palm Ave.
Sarasota, Florida 34236
Schweizerische Vereinigung der Farnfreunde (Suecia)

SGAP Fern Study Group

Moreen Woolett
3 Currawang Pl.
Como West, New South Wales 2226
Gales, Gran Bretaña
Southwestern Fern Society Dallas, Texas
A site from Dallas, Texas. Some excellent stuff here.
Sunshine Coast Fern Society
Po Box 47
Woombye, Queensland
Tampa Bay Fern Club

Tasmanian Fern Society

Po Box 74
Moonah, Tasmania 7009
Texas Gulf Coast Fern Society TGCFS

The Delaware Valley Fern and Wildflower Society

Tropical Fern & Exotic Plant Society Miami, Florida .

Waikato Fern Club (New Zealand)

Mrs. Eilea McKenzie
164 Upper Dinsdale rd
New Zealand

Ascog Fernery

Checklist of World Ferns


Ferns of the Canberra Region

Field Systematic Botany Pteridophytes

Filicopsida...Tree of Life

Keith's Fern Page

Leptosporangiate Ferns

Milwaulkee Public Museum (Our fine feathery friends, a sight for sori)

Natural Perspective: Ferns (Filicinophyta)

New York Botanical Garden / Ferns

Ohio Hardy Ferns by Dennis Kunze

Proyecto Pteridophyta (Instituto de Ecología, A.C.)

Pteridophyte Field Botany Course at Texas A&M

The Ferns

The Hardy Fern Foundation


A Garden Through the Seasons
Another Place in Time

ASCOG Restored Victorian Fernery on the Isle of Bute, Scotland

Australian Correspondence Schools Horticulture Site - Ferns

Helpful information on growing ferns. Now online again.
Australian Rainforest Ferns

Australian National Botanical Gardens / Native Ferns for Cool Climates

AW Florist

Brousseau California Flora Pictures

Buchanan’s Native Plants

Ceratopteris - A Simple Model Plant System, USA

A Plant For Teaching and Research - See What a Single Cell Can Do!
Cold-hardy Tree Ferns
This is a very comprehensive site about many different varieties of tree fern, with notes on how well they succeed in cold climates (USDA zone 9a and colder). There are dozens of links to photographs of the different species (including some from these pages!) Well worth a long slow browse.
Condon Gardens

Cornelius Nurseries

Cyndi's Catalog of Garden Catalogs

Fern Propagation From Spores

Ferns and Cycads on the Web

Ferns and Fern Allies

Ferns & Fern Allies of the North Woods Northwoods

Ferns and Man in New Guinea

por J.R. Croft (a paper presented to Papua New Guinea Botany Society, 1982)
Fern as Herbs

Ferns et al. of New England

Fern Factory

Fern Image Gallery

Although this site is about the Canberra Region ferns, I have other pages that present a gallery of fern images from other parts. The first photographs are from a recent trip to the Wet Tropics of Far North Queensland. Some very pretty images.
Ferns in Florida

Ferns: of fern forest and South Florida

Welcome to the Native Plants of South Florida (NPSF) page. This collection of pages provides information and pictures of many plants native to our area, and some of the troublesome exotics as well
Ferns of Kern County California

Ferns of the Canberra Region (Australia)

Ferns on Long Island

Garden Gate

Hardy Palm Trees and Ferns around DC

A site on ferns in the Washington, DC area with a good collection of fern images and information, by John Corgan. Very nice site design. The main entry page is here.
I Can Garden

Introducing Australian Ferns

An easy introduction to the subject by Lorraine Deppler, on the Society for Growing Australian Plants pages. Some nice photographs, too. Now back online.
Isoetes - this is a Fern? You must be joking!
por Estelle Brink. A Leaf from the Herbarium : NOTES FROM THE SELMAR SCHONLAND HERBARIUM Grahamstown, South Africa
Jerry's Jungle Gardens

Keith’s Fern Page

Introducing Australian Ferns

Leptosporangiate Ferns

Native Ferns for Cool Climates

Australian National Botanic Gardens - "There are a number of Australian native fern species which are relatively easy to grow outdoors in cool climate areas. A page listing species of Australian Ferns that grow well in cool climates. It covers the horticultural aspect in detail, including a page on propagation from spores.
Natural Perspective: Ferns

Peter Richardson's fern images

Some very nice photographs of New Zealand and Hawaiian ferns. (But be warned, each image is around 250K, so they can take a while to download over a slow connection.)

Propagation Mailing List

Proyecto Pteridophyta (Instituto de Ecología, A.C.)


Herzlich willkommen auf der Homepage der SVF!
Assessment of species diversity in the mixedwood plains Ecozone - Daniel F. Brunton
Pteridophytes (helechos y plantas afines a helechos) of Nova Scotia

Ross Koning

Santa Rosa Tropicals

Society for Growing Australian Plants

A comprehensive site dedicated to Australian plants in general, and how to grow them. Now back online. The Canberra Region SGAP page is here.
Teas Nursery

The Australian National Botanic Gardens home page

A very large site with all manner of information on Australian plants, including some information on ferns. The ANBG is a great place to see a range of Australian ferns growing in near-natural habitats.
The Azolla Page
 from the Department of Plant Biology, Faculty of Sciences of Lisbon University, Centre for Environmental Biology (CEB), Portugal. "This site is an international forum of discussion and diffusion on Azolla
The Fern Lover's Companion: A Guide for the Northeastern States and Canada (eBook)

The Giant Horsetails

The International Bracken Group

The IBG was set up with the following terms of reference: To promote a continuing scientific and technical liaison regarding research developments in brackenology and the environmental problems posed by it. To communicate the results and the needs of bracken research to local, national and international authorities including the media. To promote the funding of bracken research and bracken land development programmes locally, nationally and internationally.
The John Knouse ferns page
A useful classification of the ferns, plus lists of ferns growing in Ohio and Kentucky, and a fern bibliography.
The New York Botanical Garden

The Platycerium Site

The Ultimate Australian Gardening CD-ROM - Ferns, Palms and Cycads

A site advertising a CD ROM product. There is some potentially useful information on ferns here.
Victorian fernery at Ascog Hall
This site is dedicated to a marvellously restored Victorian era fernery at Ascog Hall on the Isle of Bute, Scotland. Well worth a visit (both cyber and real!)
Virtual Field Guide of UK Ferns


Peter Barnes

 Including: 'Albanian ferns' & 'Fern nomenclature'
Mike Taylor
Skye Ferns - "I have been studying and mapping the distribution of ferns on the Isle of Skye since moving to the Island in 2001 and this site has been set up to give details of references to ferns on the Island and distribution records in my data base
Peter D.A. Boyd
Including: Pteridomania - the Victorian passion for ferns & The Victorian Fern Cult in South-West Britain
 Andrew Leonard
Andrew Leonard's Fern Site in addition, here are some links to other (not exclusively pteridological) organisations who we like...
(de helechos y otras plantas)
A to Z Gardening

Fern Database (alemán)

Fern ID Database

Internet Directory for Botany

Michigan State's Staghorn Discussion

Santa Rosa Tropical-Professional Fern Growers

Introduction to the Sphenophyta
 "Yesterday's trees, today's horsetails" - from The Museum of Paleontology (UCMP), located on the campus of the University of California at Berkeley
Ferns of the Canberra Region
This website is about the wild ferns in this part of southeastern Australia: where they grow; their ecology; with many photographs and detailed descriptions


Checklist of World Ferns
This page is the portal to web-pages listing all the species of fern-allies and ferns of the world. By Michael Hassler (Germany) and Brian Swale (NZ). We have drawn together information from a multitude of sources to create an internet presentation of facts about these interesting plants. It is not going too far to say that we find ferns and fern-allies exciting


Australian National Herbarium

Michigan State University - Ferns

Texas A&M / Pteridophytes

Texas A&M Image Gallery

University of California at Berkeley, Introduction to the Pteridopsida

University of Florida

University of Minnesota - Vascular Plants - Links

A series of fern morphology links



Houston Garden Center

Mercer Arboretum and Botanic Gardens—Houston

New York Botanical Garden

Milwaukee Public Museum

Australian National Herbarium

Anyone interested in ferns, and particularly in growing them, should consider subscribing to the Fernet listserver. It is a free forum for the exchange of information about ferns. You join via email. From then on, you will receive by email all the postings to the server. You can ask questions and respond to others. There are members on Fernet from all around the world.

Treefern Discussion Group

Acme Nursery

Alpha Fen Company

Antique Fern Art Prints

Carolina Biological Supply

Casa Flora, Inc.

Elmore Ferns

Fancy Fronds Nursery

Farne - Gartengestaltung mit Farnen

Foliage Gardens Catalogue


Fern Nursery

Hickory Mountain Plant Farm

Moss Acres

Mr. Fern

NatureHills Nursery

Nature Printed Ferns

Plant Delights Nursery

Terra 5 Designs

The Fern Gallery

Victor Poison-Free and Safer Brand pest control products

Wrought Iron Home & Garden

  • Non-flowering Plant Family Pictures
    The National Council for the Conservation of Plants and Gardens
      "Conserving the widest possible variety of plants is one of the most urgent needs facing conservationists today, but it is not easy to translate this need into a practical reality. The NCCPG has gone a long way towards solving this problem for many of our traditional garden plants, which have given until pleasure for generations, by setting up the National Plant Collections® Scheme..."
    Botanical Society of the British Isles
    "The Botanical Society of the British Isles (BSBI) was founded in 1836 and has played a central role in the botanical community for 160 years. We are a society offering its members, whether beginners or seasoned professionals, services and a forum for the exchange of ideas and information. The aim of the BSBI is to gain a better understanding of British and Irish plants and their distribution, and to use this knowledge to help in their conservation. Our trees and wildflowers, our ferns and grasses, in all their natural diversity and beauty, are priceless assets that enhance the lives of everyone."
    National Biodiversity Network
    The NBN is a project to build the UK's first network of biodiversity information.

    This site is the Communications Portal for the NBN. Use it to access the NBN Gateway (NBN data portal) and other NBN portals.

    Royal Horticultural Society
     "The Royal Horticultural Society, was founded in 1804 to encourage the science, art and practice of horticulture in all its branches. It is now the world's leading horticultural organisation, with extremely active science and educational departments based at RHS Garden, Wisley."
    The Natural History Museum
    "The Museum's mission is to maintain and develop its collections and use them to promote the discovery, understanding, responsible use and enjoyment of the natural world."



    Asociación Latinoamericana de Botánica (ALB)

    Asociación Latinoamericana de Paleobotánica y Palinología (ALPP)

    International Federation of Palynological Societies

    IAPT - International Association for Plant Taxonomy

    Red Latinoamericana de Botánica

    Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections

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